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Our Services

On-Demand Development Management

From initial concept plan through building permitting, the REG will embed itself to lead or support a development team to achieve synchronicity and harmony between the project vision, its designers, government agencies, and others. This includes rezoning, infrastructure investment cost-sharing, public outreach, and/or extensive entitlement processes.

Government Relations

We are not lobbyists; we bring positive relationships that revolve around real estate projects, their process stages, and regulatory codes. Our personal affiliations and a versatile, technical skill set secure results.

Project Champion

Early stage project concepts seeking public and private contributions often struggle to germinate. Linking and building affiliations within the community, landowners, and government, we apply a “3rd Party” approach to corral the leadership, attention, and facts necessary to transition development models to commitments.

Streamlining the acquisitions and development process to save time and money.

Areas of Expertise

Timely Entitlements & Permitting

Every touch point within every agency is thoughtfully considered, review responses calendared and assessed systematically, while incorporating short and long-term project scheduling and phasing goals. We speak in plain English to every professional discipline, public and private, to fully ascertain the intent and extent of any regulatory requirement, never stopping to capture workable, economical solutions.

Public-Private Partnerships

(Including Public Financing and Development Agreements) With a laser-like focus on shared goals and shared project success, the REG initiates and secures available government incentives and contributions. Whether you’re a local government or developer, we bring candid and creative discussions on low-interest loans, long-term entitlements, infrastructure contributions, and public financing — to name a few.

Shrewd Integration of Disciplines

REG’s goal is to surpass the small incremental improvements that each disciplinary specialty wants to provide. We seek to capture solutions with the more innovative thinking found in a multi-disciplinary approach. We do this by staffing and thinking in terms of non-specialization, while insisting upon technical familiarity.

Positive Government Relations

Effective government relations do NOT operate like an on/off switch. They rely on regular communication. We bank upon our experience in government, staying focused on results.  We leverage our personal relationships, to understand, facilitate, negotiate, and occasionally question (but ultimately meet) government’s goals.

Strategic Decision Making

We filter all decisions in terms of time and schedules. Only by questioning AND timely integrating project “requirements” can we enhance and/or reformulate projects and project timelines to boost their efficiency and maximize profits.


Rezoning requires both technical and political capital. We garner both, in the necessary amounts, in part through our community/government relations skills, partly through our knowledge of government processes, and partly through our advanced insight into land use planning.

Steve Ferris Founder Real Estate Garage

Meet the Founder

Steve Ferris brings 25 years of experience leading design teams and managing development projects. His career arc demonstrates seamless movement between the public and private sectors, which has led to his current focus on timely maximizing the production of real estate plans, projects, and approvals. Most recently Ferris directed the 140-person, Development Services Department for the City of Denver. Steve was born in Southeast Asia, and has worked in New York City, the Florida Keys, Micronesia, Hawaii, California, Nevada, North Dakota, and Colorado. His formal education includes an MBA and degrees in urban planning and civil engineering.

Steve’s LinkedIn

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Steve brought solid knowledge of both the public and private sectors to the City's Development Services Department. I have no doubt he will continue to use that insight to serve this great City we love in his latest endeavor.

Michael Hancock | Mayor of Denver

Steve brings the insight we need to work with the City, and the understanding of the full scope of our projects to fit the pieces together

Bernard Hurley | Menalto Development

No one knows the inner-workings of the City of Denver better than Steve Ferris. While serving as Director of Development Services, Steve was an invaluable resource for projects ranging from small tenant improvements to complicated ground-up and highly dense developments. Beyond understanding what it takes to get a project done in Denver, Steve can be counted on to be creative in coming up with new ways to accomplish one's project goals.

Andrew Feinstein | EXDO Properties

Steve understands the private and public side of projects in a unique way -- and knows how to keep projects in motion. Developers need all sides of that equation and Steve is the secret sauce to make that happen.

Jason Winkler | Industry Denver

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